We spent sun-soaked afternoons
whispering dreams
the future unwritten
laughing, twirling in the sunlight

adult lives
forging paths our own
a slow unraveling
traversing years
then, a decade
a divide
growing slowly, quietly
our words pass
floating away
a fragment lost
in the wind

shadows recede
light emerges
I see you
pain rises, you squirm
averting your gaze
me, I run to the fire
renewed by flames
I sift through ashes
looking for embers

a chasm emerged
an abyss
aren’t to be crossed
the past, the future
a departure

I release you
to the sky, to the wind
I release me
to the sky, to the winds of tomorrow

Leadership coach for new technology leaders. Fast Company contributor. Former COO Travis CI. www.suzanbond.com Twitter: @suzanbond

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