Just what dwells in your heart?
Which way does it bend?
In domination of others?
of earth’s resources
of her creatures
of communion, recognition
of tenderness
of a connecting line
through birds, beasts, craggy crevices
humans, eras, the ages
the continuity of existence
from the paleozoic to the mesozoic
to now.

Are you
to grapple — with those
deepest sensations
or do you
allow them to run
wild through your veins
allow them
to swallow you whole
invade your membrane
subsume everything in its path?

Have you excised
your heart
let it lay
like a disembodied appendage
believing it a useless organ
like your appendix
an ancient, no longer necessary
hidden behind
an obscured door in a dark closet.
Wearing it
like an accessory
when it suits
when it doesn’t
casting it aside
an orphaned organ
within an inch of its existence.

Do you stomp
in combat boots
or wear slippers
traipse lightly
across the landscape
twirling between
obstacles real and imaginary?

You are a powerful
your thoughts
like seeds
scattered — far and wide.

Do you lean
into those fears
dark anima
nipping at you?

Do you deceive yourself
hold on
to a reservoir of black mud
swim in its sticky darkness?

Just what is it
that you
long to manifest?

Are you ready to embrace
the fool in you
the magic
what’s possible
in the molecules
existing in the space
organisms, you, me, the beasts
the rocks, the plains, the planes?

Alas, a strand
connects us
sending hate
is to send it back
to your own heart.

When you blind yourself
to primordial truth
you bind yourself
forever adhered to the nethers,
desolate regions
your anguish your own
for the joyous do not dwell there.

Share the nectar
from blossoms
pollinated by bees
drink in
its communal grace
grasp on to the filament,
that sliver
threading through
the universal line.

We are birthed from the soil
we return to
our pure nature
raw energy
life force
that simply —
exists. We can
go back at any moment.
To live in union
breathe in the filament
become the filament
tethered to all.

Are you ready to return?

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